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CRYPTOZOOLOGY. What the heck is THAT? I find it’s most often the kids and not the teachers who know the answer to that one!

Last month myself and Vanessa (my heroine, flawed but very adventurous and clever, as opposed to just flawed) Meath libraries – Ashbourne, Dunboyne and Dunshaughlin to find out just who knew what about Cryptids (creatures like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster) and cryptozoology (the hunt for these creatures). The questions were fantastic and they seemed to love hearing about the research and science behind the Loch Ness hunt. Some of them have sworn to go after the €50,000 reward that is still up for grabs. I’m definitely making them share it with me though!

Next week we’re hitting the Dublin libraries – Dolphin’s Barn, Raheny, Coolock and Inchicore. This time Vanessa has got herself got all caught up with vampire bats and the Chupacabra (the WHAT!?) in Mexico, and I’ll be reading about her adventures in my second book in the Crytpid Files which is called Mexican Devil. Hope I get some more off the wall questions, the ones that literally make you stop and think. Like how fast exactly can a vampire bat drink cow’s blood? As fast as a baby kitten can lap up milk I believe.

My thanks to all the kids who show such interest and the teachers and the librarians, who without exception, have been fantastic!

Courtesy of Children’s Books Ireland

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Author Jean Flitcroft visits Ashbourne, Dunshaughlin and Dunboyne  this week to tell us all about weird and wonderful cryptids.

The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness

Vanessa Day, a twelve year old Irish girl goes on holiday to Scotland clutching her mother’s Cryptid file on Nessie, the creature who lurks in the depths of Loch Ness.  Perhaps she will be the one to fulfil her mother’s legacy and prove that Nessie, the most famous cryptid of them all, truly exists. Set against the eerie stillness of the loch, it’s an exciting story filled with monsters, mystery and magic. Vanessa gets her wish but with surprising consequences.

The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil

Vanessa found herself looking straight into a large, salivating mouth with razor-sharp fangs. Above it, two glowing red eyes pulsed to the sound of her heart…’

 Vanessa’s summer holiday on a ranch in Mexico is turned upside down as she enters a shadowy world of mysterious animal death, magical curses and dark family secrets. As she tumbles headlong into the mystery of El Chupacabra she starts to understand why some call it the Mexican Devil.   

 In this, the second book of the Cryptid Files series, Jean Flitcroft once again takes us by the hand and leads us deep into her world of myth, magic and monsters.


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Children's Book Festival 2011 Poster

Children's Book Festival 2011 Poster

The Children’s Book Festival kicks off next month across the library network with 89 events to cater for all interests and age groups. – We’re looking forward to the penalty shoot-outs with soccer fanatic Tom Palmer, and Tarzan will be swinging from the rafters in Solstice promoting the revamped series by Andy Briggs.

We have plenty of home-grown talent too with return appearances from the much-loved Judi Curtin, Sarah Webb and Oisin McGann.

New to the festival programme are first-time children’s authors Nicola Pierce, Chris Judge and Debbie Thomas.

For the comic books fans we have some interesting comic book workshops running in a number of our libraries.

Finally we have storytellers, drama workshops, poetry writing and Canadian dance and music to wrap it all up. Enjoy!

All events are FREE.

Bookings via your local library.

Bookings are for schools only.

Children’s Book Festival Events in Meath Libraries 2011

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