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It’s official, crafts are trendy!

Whether it is because of the urge to recycle, the economic climate or the presence of craft advocates like Kirstie Allsop on our television screens there is no denying that there are a growing number of women and men discovering and falling in love with the world of crafts. No longer the domain of hippies and old ladies, crafts are cool. 

Sewing, crochet, patchwork, decoupage and jewellery making are all making a comeback. A few hours spent working with a favourite material can result in a unique item of clothing, a new accessory or something for the home that won’t be seen in anyone elses house .

Anyone who enjoys to craft and who has a love of what they do are more than willing to share their knowledge and ideas with others. To celebrate this resurgence in crafts Navan Library will be running an adult craft group called ‘Needles & Pins’ starting every Tuesday from 5th of June 6.30~8.30. So bring along your chosen craft and share it with the group.

No booking is required & everyone is welcome contact Susanne on 046~9021134 for more details


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