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Last week we featured a guest blog post from Rathcairn Library about Gabriel Rosenstock’s visits to their library during Children’s Books Festival. We’re delighted today to heat from Gabriel himself:

The first thing you notice about a visit to Ráth Chairn library is the abundance of Irish-language books for young and old and a lovely display of old book covers, featuring classic tales rendered into Irish such as Cú na mBaskerville – no prizes for guessing the original title. A pity we don’t have more bilingual and multilingual displays in our libraries and bookshops. Even from a visual point of view (quite apart from linguistic courtesy), a bilingual or multilingual display of books, covers, posters etc. would be an improvement on the ubiquitous “usual suspects” which become so tiring to the eye.

And what a great pleasure it was to be able to speak in Irish to such a lively group of Gaeltacht children, most of whom were very comfortable with their Gaelic identity and few of whom would remember the mockery endured by many of their parents/grandparents who moved to this fertile spot in County Meath from the harsh, rocky terrain of Connemara.

We had some great fun with classic and modern haiku, reciting and flavouring dozens of samples over three days and, most of all in illustrating them. Mind-boggling were some of the frogs and spiders that found shape and colour in Ráth Chairn over those enchanting days. This was the creation of haiga, or illustrated haiku, and we could have been at it for a month! And when we had enough illustrations, or so I thought, I asked them to try to sing a few haiku. (Their teacher – lucky for them – is a prize-winning sean-nós singer). And they obliged, individually and as little groups. And if you have never heard haiku sung by school children, hybrid songs influenced by rap and sean-nós, well then, you haven’t lived! All in all, a transcultural multi-media experience as rewarding for myself as it was for the children.

Rath Dé ar mhuintir Ráth Chairn!

 Thanks to CBI for this guest blog

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The Land Commission and the making of Ráth CairnThe Land Commission and the making of Ráth Cairn: the first Gaeltacht colony’ by Suzanne M. Pegley will be launched this coming Thursday 3 November at 8.00 p.m. in Ráth Cairn Library, County Meath by Mr Seamus MacGabhann. The launch will feature a slide show and presentation with rare photographs shown of the early years in Ráth Cairn.

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The National Print Museum kick off their tour of Meath libraries tomorrow for Children’s Book Festival 2011.  They’ll visit Dunshaughlin, Dunboyne, Nobber and Rathcairn libraries in the coming days. 

Their are two parts in this workshop and each child will have the opportunity to complete both activities.

Part 1 covers hand-setting and printing.  Children will work with artefacts from the Museum’s collection to hand set and print their names in metal type. The children will learn basic composing skills to construct their names, which will then be inserted into a ‘WANTED’ poster, and printed on The Farley Proofing Press.

Part 2 covers hat-Making.  This section of the workshop will show children how to make old style printers hats, using Origami techniques. They will then have the opportunity to decorate their printer’s hats using a variety of materials.

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Children’s Book Festival continues this week with storyteller Joe Brennan. Joe will enthrall children in Nobber and Athboy libraries with stories from around the globe.

His storyboard sessions in Navan and Rathcairn libraries will get children creating their own stories.

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