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On Friday morning, the 6th of October, the library in Kells was filled to the brim with children eagerly awaiting the arrival of the author Nicola Pierce, writer of the book “Spirit of the Titanic”. The atmosphere was electric and snippets of conversation could be heard amongst the children, excitedly discussing the Titanic and the story behind the first “unsinkable” ship ever to be built.
Spirit of the Titanic

When Nicola arrived she had the children and staff captivated with her story of how she came to write her book. How she had a “Eureka” moment of deciding to write the main character as a ghost (Samuel Joseph) who witnessed first hand who was on board the ship, what happened to the families Joseph came to know, the staff who worked on board, the differences between first, second and third class.

Nicola told her story through pictures, photographs and personal effects. She made the story of the Titanic come alive in front of us, from the beginning of how it was built, the people who worked on it, the photograph of the ship taken off the coast of Ireland. How it looked so frail against the might of the ocean, compared to the way the boat seemed so majestic whilst at port.

The amount of facts that we all learned through Nicola about the Titanic, like how the fourth funnel did not work – it was really only for show. Also how the men on the crow’s nest did not have binoculars to use for looking out for icebergs, as they were locked away in a locker and the only man who had the key had been taken off the boat just before she sailed.

When Nicola had finished her talk, the reaction from the children was magical. All wanted to ask questions and find out more. It was amazing the amount of children who said they had a distant relative or knew someone who did who had been on the ship.

I would thoroughly recommend every one – from children to grandparents to read the book – it is a brilliant story based on a true story of a ship that was meant to be unsinkable. Nicola Pierce is a wonderful author and storyteller.

Report from Claudine in Kells Library

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Nicola Pierce visited Trim library yesterday to talk about her first book for children Spirit of the Titanic.  She gave a fascinating talk on the Titanic and had lots of photos to show the 5th class children from Gaelscoil Na Boinne. 

Pictured here is Nicola Pierce with executive librarian Maedhbh Rogan-McGann.

CBF2011 Nicola Pierce 001

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Nicola Pierce is a writer and freelance journalist.  She’ll be visiting libraries in Duleek, Ashbourne, Trim and Dunshaughlin Wednesday and Thursday to talk about her first novel for children, Spirit of the Titanic 

She has also ghost-written many novels for adults. 

Fifteen-year-old Sam plunges to his death whilst building his beloved Titanic. Now as the greatest ship the world has ever seen crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Sam finds himself on board – as a ghost.    

His spirit roams the ship, from the glamour of first class to the party atmosphere of third class. Sam shares the excitement of Jim, Isobel and their children – on their way to a new life in America.

Disaster strikes when Titanic hits an iceberg. As Titanic sinks to her icy grave, Jim and his family are trapped behind locked gates … Can Sam’s spirit reach out to save them?

This event for Children’s Book Festival has been pre-booked by local schools. 

Spirit of the Titanic

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