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The Water Horse by Dick King-Smith

 The story begins with a mysterious egg washed up on a Scottish beach, the morning after a great storm. Kirstie and her brother Angus find the egg and take it home. The next day it has hatched into a tiny greeny-grey creature with a horse’s head, warty skin, four flippers and a crocodile’s tail. The baby sea monster soon becomes the family pet – but the trouble is, it just doesn’t stop growing!

(from Puffin website)
water horse cover

Many of the children had previously seen the movie and were surprised by the great differences between the book and movie.  The book is a far simpler and more gentle story than the high tech film version.  The children remarked on the many changes to the story such as making Angus the main character, the change in location from quiet lochan and clifftop house to vast mansion in a busy town. 

The book (and film)got a general thumbs-up from the majority of the children though Caoimhe (aged 9) didn’t enjoy it at all. We ended our book club with a 20-minute viewing of the film.    Reserve your copy of the book from Trim library here.

Children’s author Dick King-Smith, whose much-loved tale The Sheep-Pig was adapted into the hit film Babe, died earlier this year at the age of 88, at home in his sleep.

Next month we’ll be discussing Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo-always a favourite author in Trim Library. 

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